Silver jewellery trends in 2024

Sterling silver jewelry is a favourite among many. This is because of several reasons. It is an investment that does not cost much. It is easy to maintain silver. Silver comes in many trending and stylish patterns. The good thing is that silver pieces are timeless. So, you don’t need to keep changing your sets again and again. However, it does pay to keep buying something new that is trending.

So, if you are planning to add to your silver collection then read through. We have listed a few designs that are going to be in trend in 2024. Do not haste and go through them. You can then add it to your collection.

We will take you through stuff that we think will trend in the coming year. The article will talk about various silver jewellery. We start with earrings. Then we go to necklaces. These two are the most important styles that you will need to have. Next, we talk about bracelets and anklets. Though not a necessity these are in demand. It thus pays to have them in your collection too.


Silver Earrings

Let’s start with the favourites, earrings. Here we are sure that the solitaire and diamond studded silver earrings for women will stay in trend in the coming year. The ones with the big stones that flash out are always loved by women. The hoops will also be in style in the year to come. However, what we think will beat it this year are the studs and the drop earrings. The studs are gaining in popularity. With a shift in trend on how women want to style up, this seems obvious. Women of today want to keep their look subtle yet smart. And studs offer just that. The same goes for the drop earrings. These are feminine. They are elegant. But they don’t shout out loud. So, check the pure silver earrings India out and you may want to add them to your collection if you don’t have them.

Necklaces and chain pendants

Silver Necklaces

We think the trend of the simplistic chain pendants is going to continue. The pearl silver necklaces and chains with simple pendants are sure to steal the show. Minimalist pieces are a win for females who go to work. These blend with formal attires and everyday work wear. However, we think that layered necklaces will catch the trend this year. This is because of varied reasons. The look is smart and thus the modern woman loves it. The best thing about this design is this. It can blend with Indian and Western attire. You have two- or three-layered necklaces these do not shout boldly. But it keeps its statement simple but direct. And this blends in with the personality of the women of today.

Bracelet and anklets

real silver bracelet

Bracelets and anklets are an add-on to jewellery. Bracelets can be worn with any attire. This makes it very versatile. Anklets are worn with any attire where your ankles can be seen. So, you can wear it with skirts or with a shirt or pants. However, we like its traditional appeal more. The bold ones like the rectangular real silver bracelet will be in trend in the year to come. The square bracelets too seem to be gaining in demand. These are smart and chic. Women can wear them with their formal or semi-formal attire as well. And when it comes to anklets, we believe that the simpler ones with a few designed stones will take away the baton. These are not loud. But at the same time these help you to flaunt your personality.


The above are new trends in silver jewellery that we think will catch up. However, you should not worry about these pieces becoming mundane after a few years. Silver jewellery is a classic piece. There are many designs and styles that are worn through generations. In fact, silver jewellery has been passed down several generations to still be in trend. Just make sure to buy quality silver jewellery from brands like Olluu. You can rest assured that the pieces will last many years.

Talking about trends, we don’t think the old styles will die out. However, designers do come up with creative ideas. And it pays to catch up with it and add it to your list of items. So here is what we suggest. Keep adding to your silver collection slowly. You can add a few pieces every year. This will ensure that you have something from the earlier trends. You will also have many new styles that are in fashion. This way you will have a mix of everything. Is not this a smart way to add to your jewellery set? Yes, it is. So go ahead and buy some trending pieces of silver jewellery that are going to be in style in the year 2024.


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