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OLLUU Sterling Silver Jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions.

With a silver composition of 92.5%, sterling silver jewellery is a premium option that is favoured by both jewellery lovers and designers. When properly maintained, sterling silver jewellery sets can last a lifetime when acquired from a reputable jeweller or jewellery manufacturer.

It is durable and light, which makes it perfect for jewellery. Sterling silver is not only strong compared to gold but is highly durable. It is also light in weight, which makes it the best option for making jewellery, perfect for everyday use.

Yes, sterling silver rings can be resized, but not all of them. The type of metal a ring is made of determines whether it can be resized or not. You may resize any ring made of solid gold, sterling silver, brass, or platinum! Any plated ring cannot be resized.

A pure oxygen environment prevents pure silver from tarnishing. However, it may tarnish when copper in 925 sterling silver reacts with the ozone and hydrogen sulphide in the air. Intense sweating, hair sprays, salty water, cosmetics, chlorine, sulphur, humidity, and perfumes can all cause the formation of tarnishing on the jewellery.

Finding the stamp on your piece is the simplest way to determine the authenticity of sterling silver jewellery. There will be a "925" stamp anywhere on sterling silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Usually, the inside band of rings has a stamp. They are frequently found on the clasp or as a charm on bracelets and necklaces.

The infamous green finger stain that can occur after taking off sterling silver rings should be discussed. Even though it's annoying, there's sometimes a mystery about why it appears. Some of us point the finger at the silver's quality, which is not the case.

A woman's beauty can be enhanced by jewellery. Sterling silver jewellery represents prestige, riches, and power. Some people use jewellery as a means of self- and creative expression. Certain women incorporate jewellery into their culture and tradition.

Women have always felt gorgeous and confident when wearing jewellery. Women's outfits can get a chic finishing touch with sterling silver jewellery. The right jewellery can enhance any outfit, whether you want a simple office look or a striking party look from it.

Sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper and created by alloying fine silver with copper. Because of this amount of fine silver, sterling silver is occasionally referred to as "925 silver" or hallmarked with a 925 stamp.

Pay-outs have been an integral part of the OLLUU experience. We believe in easing the refund process and getting our customer's refunds faster and without hassle. COD refunds get initiated after the item reaches the warehouse, where items get checked before we can refund the amount to the customer. After the items reach the warehouse, users can choose between Bank Account and UPI ID refund options.

If you have received a faulty or incorrect item or want to exchange your jewellery piece with another piece, you can do so within 30 days of receiving the order. Please note: Any price difference will be charged.

Return requests can be raised on the app or online. We'll make sure that your refund gets initiated within 48 hours of us receiving an update on the return shipment. Please note: Refunds can only be initiated if a return pickup is done. Once the return has been picked up, the return process often takes up to 48 hours to begin.

Orders are shipped out two to three business days after the payment has been processed. The tracking number is provided to you when the order is shipped. You can use this tracking number to locate your package anytime by clicking on the Track/Refund menu in the footer. You can track your parcel using the Order ID or the AWB Number.

As a leading online jewellery store, we work only with the best shipping partners to ensure your delivery experience is great and hassle-free. Our courier partner will text you once your jewellery is Out for Delivery. You will also receive a call from the delivery person before they reach the delivery address.

We offer FREE SHIPPING across all orders delivered within India. For delivery outside India, we charge a fixed minimum Shipping Fee of Rs. 1100 per order. However, international shipping charges may vary depending on the country.

Wearing a dazzling piece of jewellery can be an occasion to be celebrated. We at OLLUU cherish occasions like these and take pride in creating exquisite designs for you to delight your loved ones with. However, there may be instances when your favourite piece of jewellery falls from your hands or loses its shine. If this happens to you, don't worry! With our 6-month plating warranty, we are here to help you restore the original glistening finish to your most precious possession — from the moment you step out of the OLLUU store until it sits safely in your handbag or locker.

According to statistics from the order placement, delivery times for international orders would be around 15 days. For personalised jewellery, the delivery may take up to 30 days.

Our Return and Warranty Policies are applicable for International Orders as well. However, the returns must be shipped, and the customer will bear shipping charges. Please refer to our return policy.

Customers can cancel their order within 24 hours of placing the order. Email us at or call +91 8780466355 to cancel an order.