How I Choose The Right Jewellery To Wear Different Face Shape

The right earrings and necklace can change the look of an outfit, give you that little extra something, or even make a neutral outfit look interesting. But many women have similar problems when it comes to choosing earrings and necklaces. They have no clue which pieces complement their face shape or what should be avoided because of it. We all have different features, but whether you are straight, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped, there are some real sterling silver earrings and necklaces that suit each face shape better than others.

What jewellery suits a round face?

If your face is broad, a tight bib-style earring will look great. If you have a round face, try elongated styles that add dimension to an otherwise narrow structure. Try dangling earrings with rounded cutout shapes for a picture-perfect earring look. Some shapes are better than others – avoid any that are teardrop shaped, including the classic heart shape. The real sterling silver Jewellery should complement your facial structure and head shape, avoiding any discordance that may be caused by conflicting proportions of your face's various areas.

Matching your outfit with the right earrings is an important part of looking beautiful. For women who want to look incredible, our enchanting coral and ruby drops are the perfect pair of danglers for you. Our earrings feature beads encased in 18k gold, giving them that shimmery finish that looks so fabulous against any skin tone. Featuring teardrops and amethyst crystals, the enchanting coral dangle all set in 18k gold frames gives off a look of class and elegance.

What jewellery wear with an oval face?

No matter the shape of your face, the first thing to do before buying a piece of jewellery is to find out what kind of look you are going for. Oval face women are somewhat like round-faced women who have more of an oval shape than they do a circle. If you have an oval face, ovals are always better than circles when it comes to earrings and other pieces of jewellery.

Are you in love with Indian fashion? Then, your search for the most stylish studs of 2018 ends here. We've got a huge range of innovative designs to choose from. It's time to stand out and make heads turn with our Spectacular Silver and Gold Studs. The eye-catching pattern shows off a magnificent emerald mounted at the center with 18k gold stalks. The flawless sapphire drops scattered around the silver leaves will make you the showstopper of the evening. Furthermore, the clever use of negative spaces will perfectly complement your quintessential oval face and sharpen those stunning facial features.

Jewellery for Rectangular Face:

A rectangular face is a lot like an oval face with a strong jawline. However, unlike an oval face, the features of a rectangular face tend to be angular rather than rounded. Women with rectangular faces should learn how to accessorize their face shapes with different pieces. They should wear earrings that add curves and softness to their facial features. Wear hoops and elongated or dangly ornaments; avoid squared round shapes that are wide and have strong lines.

When you walk into a room, the first thing people see is your smile. So if you have stunning features with large eyes and a pouty mouth, it's important to accentuate them! Don't settle for plain earrings by wearing boring danglers or chunky stud earrings. Instead, opt for something that shows off your personality and adds to your style! For instance, if your favorite color is lavender, then multiple-hued danglers will be perfect.

How To Choose the Best Jewellery for Heart-Shaped Face?

A heart-shaped face is a very pretty, youthful feature that makes a successful makeup look. It's easy for a girl with a heart-shaped face to appear ethereal and fragile, but it can also lead to an overly delicate appearance along with a lack of confidence. To counteract this, stay away from exaggerated makeup looks and choose an eye shape that complements your facial features.

Diamonds have been a symbol of love, prosperity, and success for centuries. The ruby has always been the most precious stone of all. When you wear a piece of jewelry in the shape of your heart, it is easy to see why. The heart-shaped face has always stood out among the crowd and with these dainty drop earrings, every woman can accentuate her face. These pieces are perfect for everyday wear and when you want to add something special to your outfit, pair them with a sapphire ring or diamond bracelet.

Best Jewellery for Diamond-Shaped Face:

Diamond-shaped faces have lots of artistry in their DNA. When you come across these lucky ladies, there's no doubt you'll find them wearing statement earrings. Diamond-shaped face women love a variety of earrings that echo their natural beauty. These women are all about bold and dramatic, so look for elongated dangle earrings with cables; stud earrings; open post hoops; teardrop styles; barbells or studs; and oval drop shapes to accentuate their depth and give the illusion of more length when viewed against their torsos.

Our Artistic Citrine and Emerald Earrings are a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. These unique shafts of citrine, reminiscent of the sun in its entirety, with translucent teardrop shapes, are set off by the look of emeralds surrounding them. The scenic combination adds a certain amount of zest and fun to any ensemble that you wear it with. These earrings are just as beautiful as they are unique, with their curved shafts complimenting the overall shape of your face while adding a dash of sophistication at the same time.

Every girl loves to be unique, and apart from the perfect jewellery for the shape of her face, the ultimate accessory to bring out her best facial features is a dazzling smile. From a heart-shaped face to a diamond-shaped face, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Check out these five real sterling silver necklace designs to get a closer insight into the plethora of jewellery styles and designs we offer.

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