A Guide to Caring for Sterling Silver Jewellery at Home

Sterling silver jewellery can last forever. However, it needs to be cared for well. This is an alloy made of 92.5% silver. The best part is that the alloyed metal is inexpensive and versatile. But because it tends to get tarnished easily many shy away from adding it to their collection.

Tarnish is the result of a reaction between sulphur and oxygen. While you cannot prevent the pieces from getting stained completely, there are a few ways in which you can slow it down. It takes a little bit of time to maintain a silver necklace set. You can then keep it lustrous and exquisite so that it serves you through generations.

Here are some simple steps on ways to make your silver jewellery maintain its allure. It will then last for many years.

Wear your jewellery made of silver

It is the simplest of things that you can do. This is in order to care for the silver jewellery at home. The oils are produced naturally by your skin. This keeps your sterling silver brilliant. If you wear it more the brighter it will look. Instead, if you keep it in the box it will cause it to dull quicker. The dark colour is because of the copper used in the alloy. The copper gets oxidized and causes the stain.

Direct sunlight is harmful

Sun can cause the pure silver necklace set to become rusted. It also becomes discoloured. Silver jewellery should never be left directly under the sun. You may want to remove it when stepping out in the sun. You can then wear it back once indoors. Also, are you storing your silver pieces? Make sure that the jewellery box is not exposed to sunlight. Keep it in a cool and dark place. It should be away from the sun’s heat.

Cleaning the jewellery made of silver

It is essential to clean your silver necklace set. This should be done from time to time. The best and the easiest option is to use soap and water. Use it to clean it. Baking soda with water can also be used. This also works excellently to clean the pieces. Just mix the two ingredients to make a paste. Then use it to scrub the jewellery gently. You can use a toothbrush or a cloth. If your silver pieces are heavily tarnished then place the jewellery in a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. You then need to leave it for three hours. Rinse off your jewellery. It will shine as new. Lastly, polish the jewellery with a cloth. You will see your precious piece gleaming.

Storing the jewellery made of silver

When not in use always store the silver necklace for women. This should be done in an air-tight box. This stops it from getting oxidized. Oxidisation is caused by the air around it. Always keep the pieces in a cool place. This will prevent them from getting overheated. It minimizes the silver from getting exposed to heat and light. It is important that you store your jewellery separately. Do not let it come in contact with other pieces. There should be no cotton, cardboard, or paper around it. They may contain sulphur. This could tarnish the jewellery. Storing each piece of silver sterling jewellery separately is vital. It also prevents it from scratches.


Anti-tarnish strips are also great. This is a way to store your silver jewellery. Especially if you want to keep some silver pieces for a long, you can use these strips to slow down the process of tarnishing. It will let your jewellery stay new. Also, avoid storing the silver jewellery near any kind of chemicals. This could be cosmetics, household cleaners, or perfumes. Chemical accelerates the process of tarnishing and this causes the metal to get damaged.

Do not wear the jewellery when cleaning

Never put your silver necklaces on when using cleaning products. It is true whether you are cleaning your kitchen or your car. Sterling silver gets exposed to several chemicals. When the chemical comes into contact with silver it wrecks it. Even the fumes of the cleaning material can destroy the precious jewellery. So remove your silver pieces. You should keep them away from any cleaning material.

Wear it last

When you adorn a silver necklace for women make sure that you put it on at the final. This is after you have applied the cosmetics. You should also not use perfume after wearing the jewellery. Spraying perfume on your silver pieces can tarnish them fast. The silver also reacts with the compounds in cosmetics. Thus wear the pieces last and avoid them from getting exposed to chemicals. These are harmful and can cause them to get tarnished.

Simple steps to let your silver jewellery last forever

Sterling silver is an alloy made of silver. It also has metals. It is affordable. It is also durable. However, silver does tarnish quickly. Are you the owner of a modest or an extensive collection of pure silver necklace set? Then you must be aware of the basic steps of how to care for these exquisite pieces. These are simple steps. However, they promise to maintain the pristine beauty of your sterling silver pieces.

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