Trendy and Some Unique Designs Of Mangalsutra

Designed in the traditional way with a black bead and black thread, a mangalsutra has always been one of the most important ornaments for a Hindu bride. It is along with her wedding pheras, which symbolizes her honor and respectability as an adult woman. A mangalsutra can be made in a very simple manner; however, it can also be quite elaborate if one finds herself a skilled designer who would customize it according to your needs.

Single Diamond Mangalsutra

Single diamond mangalsutra, a type of extreme sterling silver jewellery made from metal or metal clay, and this time in the form of a mangalsutra is extremely popular today. That's because it offers a graceful and dignified look that every girl sincerely desires.

Diamond Locket  Mangalsutra Design

A great gift for a bride to be, this mangalsutra looks both simple and stylish.The chain has around 1154 diamonds set across it for added sparkle. The four rows of stones are held together with black beads and a white pearl in the centre. This gives the design an edgy feel that can be worn on a variety of outfits.

Zodiac Sign Mangalsutra

A personalised mangalsutra is a unique offering for your significant other. It's an expression of love and bonding in the long run. A personalised mangalsutra will let your partner know how much you love him/her and how much you are willing to sacrifice for him/her, and will enhance your relationship in the long run.

Single Floral Mangalsutra

If you’re a bride who wants to blend a bit of tradition with style, then this flower pendant is the perfect match for you. After all, the rose is symbolic of love and passion. The silver pendant has beaded roses which give it a delicate touch while its earrings are dainty yet stylish too!

Multi Flower Mangalsutra Design

With flowers, you can never go wrong. It has a very delicate and distinctive touch, and believe us when we say that multi-flower mangalsutra patterns are timeless and will never go out of style.


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